Card & Reader Types

Types of Card & Reader available in Oman

Swipe cards are bigger compared to the fob and therefore also are a similar size to a card. One of the advantages of swipe cards is that they are large enough to publish on either for Personnel ID or branding purposes. You can purchase a card printer if these are your needs to achieve so.

When a swipe card does not suit your requirements, fobs are rather popular due to their compact size.

If you have a large number of employees, Muscat Modern Services’ can suggest biometric readers could be quite cost-effective. Typically, they are way more expensive than the swipe card or proximity reader. Where you save cash is from the fobs. One more advantage of readers is that you don’t have to manage managing employees as is find out in the users’ fingerprint, normally the index finger.

Another option is keypad access control, whereby you just use a pin number to open the door. Since it can leave your system vulnerable to other people as a PIN may be texted to another individual, this technology isn’t recommended by us. With a lot of the cheaper keypad access control systems, the actual controller has been built into the keypad. This makes it vulnerable in the lock output and lock mechanism are here. All you need to do would be to take off the keypad the wall short outside the lock output which in turn can release the lock or strike.

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