CCTV Installation Steps that we follow in Oman

CCTV Installation & Setup Procedure that we follow in Muscat and all regions in Oman.

Feel 100% comfortable with your brand new CCTV system. Muscat Modern Services make sure that you are comfortable in all the steps that we follow.

1. Site Audit

A site audit may establish the position and protection of the site. This may check at exactly what lens dimensions are needed for every camera and lighting requirements will establish the need for ambient lighting sources or using high powered cameras.

2. Camera fixing positions

Measure two covers places of every camera if it is around eaves or on brickwork. CCTV cameras have links and they will need to secure from the elements. Some cameras may need junction boxes and wall mount based upon the factors.

3. Cabling preparation

Every CCTV cable necessitates tagging and measuring before the procedure. Run every cable to span from every camera stage to the system video recorder and 20 spans for cabling procedures that are proper.

4. Camera and Recorder Installation

The wires with have the fittings and the cameras will soon likely be set up. This can be done with standard fixings to match the things for the greatest strength. The cameras tuning screws are invisibly prepared to correct the cameras to get the field of view.

The Network video recorder or video recorder is unboxed along with the disk is going to be set up with the data and electricity cables along with the device and system could be powered.

5. Setup, Tuning & Handover

Once your camera system will be powered up It’ll be set up, this is done via

  • Enrolling every camera
  • Setting the timezone and time/date of this system
  • Placing a recording program (full time, Motion record)

Tuning of these cameras will take place, factors will be made for the quality of pictures and optimum night vision policy in locations that are temperate.

Handover includes instructions on How Best to use these systems, this may include

  • IOS/Android APP installation and presentations
  • Perspective, exporting and playback in the OSD footage
  • Remote login through an internet browser

After these 5 steps finished you will feel 100% comfortable with your brand new CCTV system, then an installation and handover your system will guarantee you can use the system for its entire capacity.

We do these services in Muscat and all over the governorates of Oman

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