IP Camera Video Surveillance System Supply & installation in Oman

IP Camera Video Surveillance are commonly used for surveillance however unlike analog television cameras, that they require no local recording apparatus a local area network

Advantages of IP or network cameras are:

Data can be easily obtained
Ideal for homes and companies
significantly less cabling and less maintenance
Improved settlement and scalability

CCTV Systems – Home & Business Security Camera Installation

Select the Best CCTV Oman camera systems to your property in Muscat or another governate of Oman. Get the CCTV installation in this Country. Using only the very best brands and products we can look for a system that keeps you and your property safe:

✅ We take your requirements and designing a system that works for you

✅ Confirm your alarm activation with high definition video

✅ Create a visual offense deterrent around your house

✅ Monitor the perimeter of your out of the safety of indoors

Whether it be for your house or company, obtaining a quality CCTV system installed is an established method to deter crime on your premises, a quality installation won’t just protect your premises, it can also lower insurance premiums and help in the conviction of criminals in your assumptions immediate location.

Supply & installation of IP Camera Video Surveillance System in Muscat Oman. The latest Video Surveillance solution provider in Oman. Get in touch with us to talk about your options or have a peek at our CCTV bundles to find out more in the store located in Muscat.

Our CCTV Brands

✅ Hikvision

✅ Dahua

✅ Samsung (Hanwa Co)


At Muscat Modern Services (MMS), we understand that not all CCTV systems are equal, each with their unique sets of pros & cons. Due to this we highly recommend that we take the time to visit your site or office and design a system to meet your requirements. This will have a better result for each installation we design and commission.

Types of CCTV cameras

In Muscat Modern Services, we know that not all of CCTV systems are equivalent, each using their collections of cons & pros. That is precisely the reason we take some opportunity to go to the website and designing a system about your unique requirements. This then produces a better outcome for every installment we finish as well as design.

Dome Camera: even Dome CCTV cameras have been all unobtrusive looking and ideal for vandal-resistant setups. A dome camera is a blend of the camera, lens ceiling bracket packed at a discreet dome form. It works like every additional camera but comes at a dome-shaped housing. Is well-suited for surroundings that normally become cluttered, such as kitchens and warehouses. Typically obtainable in indoor or outdoor housings.
Benefits: Aesthetically pleasant / streamlined from appearance.Available from vandal-resistant housings.

Bullet cameras: Bullet cameras are perfect for outdoor usage and are very long and cylindrical in form. Their strengths lie especially. Installed inside casings, the cameras have been protected against dust, dirt, and other elements. The cameras can be mounted using a bracket, also come equipped with lenses based on their application’s demands.

Characteristics: Compact size helps installation
high-definition picture resolution
A sealed enclosure reduces the requirement for service.

PTZ camera: A PTZ camera includes controls that permit the operator to remotely pan, tilt, and zoom in the camera.

Characteristics: Tilt pan and Zoom attributes.
Control movement through applications or joystick.
It can automatically conduct patterns or switch into some preset position.

Gains: Focuses on regions of interest.
Automobile Track motion.
Research a broad area of interest and zoom into detail

Box Style camera: A Box Style camera can be really a camera. The title comes from the form of this camera. It works as the same other camera and can be utilized at Outdoor Environmental Housings or to get Indoor mountings if aesthetics aren’t an issue.
Benefits: Enables customization of this lens, camera and home to match the requirements of this installation. It offers many lens choices, such as varifocal and adjusted.

Day/Night Camera: Capable of working in surroundings, these cameras gain from not needing illuminators since they may capture video pictures to their sensitive imaging chips. Because of this, these cameras are best for surveillance programs where IR cameras cannot operate.
Handles both daytime and light circumstances.

Camera system for house security
MMS got access to the very we can provide a camera system that offers security for your assumptions in Oman. Smart video surveillance or IVS lets us the installation intrusion zones and trip-wires in your camera system area of opinion and also create alarms.

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