Biometric system for Coronavirus COVID-19

Contactless biometric Reduced Chance Of Infection Throughout Coronavirus

Contactless Biometric is an authentication alternative triumphed to prevent the spread of ailments. As matters changes whilst engaging in a location with the neighborhood, we must take additional care in all countries. This All has become potential through a biometric touch less apparatus. As all of us know from the scenario that the entire world is afflicted by the very exact ailments i.e coronavirus that is spreading mainly through hand contact. Oman especially the Muscat region has a speed of anguish, Thus we MMS supplying precaution from coronavirus to create the world safer and securer.

Dependent on the intrusiveness we’re currently providing device to assist any business to maintain assets & their office area, the environment in Oman. Contact biometric is a much more healthy biometric that doesn’t utilize any touch to do the action. The introduction of touch biometric is assumed to make authentication easier.

ZKTeco offers Touchless Biometric Solution with Mask & Body Temperature Detection

Why Contact less Biometric.?

Less intrusive
More secure
Hygiene Device
Lowe risk of disease
The fore-front solution to control the spread of contagious disease of coronavirus
Contactless solution

Overwhelming Characteristics:

Utilizing biometric with a fingerprint reader that is conventional is the cause of illness transmission through hand touch. This usually means any reader may grow to be the epic center of the spread of illness. So after on situations that are current.

We have implemented several Contactless biometric during this COVID-19. Muscat Modern Services (MMS) has established a touch less biometric alternative via palm for empowerment and consumer authentication. We provide options such as — face, iris to discover the retina and face of an individual, and fix the angle of the camera. It converts to devise settings template and then compared against your database first catch.

A contactless biometric recognization system offer chance of spreading illness and increase the efficacy of identification may improve safety in our country.

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